Change and unpredictability

  • The person may be unable to process changes in their routine.
  • Hormonal surges can cause difficulties as the person’s body changes during puberty.
  • The person may experience heightened distress, they may have outbursts that are difficult to assign to a particular cause.
  • The person may become more sensitive to sensory issues that previously underpinned mild sensory overload.
  • Simplify choices.
  • It is important to understand the difficulties caused by damage to the corpus callous (the band of fibres joining the two halves of the brain) which make it difficult to understand reasons why they may not fulfil their particular need at the time currently omitted.


This series of short films shows an extended conversation  between Phoebe Caldwell (DSc, Expert Responsive Communication Practitioner who has worked with autistic people for 45 years) and Janet Gurney (BA, PGCT, Director of Training for Us in a Bus, a service based in Surrey that supports adults and children with profound and multiple learning difficulties and autism).